Friday, July 8, 2011

Starter List of Important Kevin Carson Facts

A starter list, courtesy of Charles "RadGeek" Johnson...

1. For mutualists, the only legitimate standard for establishing ownership of land is occupancy, use, and Kevin Carson.

2. Kevin Carson does not rent a house. He occupies random properties and absentee landlords abandon their ownership claims.

3. There is power in a union. That power is Kevin Carson.

4. Kevin Carson supports minority unionism because he knows that in any labor struggle, you only need one supporter: Kevin Carson.

5. Nobody knows what Kevin Carson looks like. It's not because he's reclusive; it's just that he moves faster than the speed of light.

6. Mutualists promote a form of money even harder than the gold standard -- Kevin Carson's labor notes.


  1. There are exactly two types of economists--dead economists and economists Kevin Carson has allowed to live.

  2. I was asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Kevin Carson has laser vision. I explained that Carson doesn't actually emit coherent beams of light. It's just that photons in his presence are inspired to voluntarily cooperate.

  3. When Walter Block's face was used to depict Kevin Carson, arbitrators considered it occupied and determined Walter Block had to find a new face.

  4. Kevin Carson made some money on the side by ghost-writing the works attributed to Isaac Asimov, Georges Simenon, and Nora Roberts during his lunch breaks.

    Kevin Carson introduced Victoria Woodhull to free love.

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  6. Kevin Carson doesn't seduce anyone. He merely helps them internalize their own natural biological rhythms.